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10 December 2009

A Joint Collaboration of PULP, SAIFAC and Constitutional Law of South Africa
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We do expect all participants to have read the papers and be present for the day and a half of the CCR Conference.  It is best practice and the only way it works

VOLUME 1 • 2008

The annual Constitutional Court Review is devoted to analysing the work of the South African Constitutional Court in the year preceding publication. Every volume contains two long essays, each with replies, subject-specific articles, and case comments. This inaugural 2008 volume examines the major themes and currents reflected in the decisions handed down by the Court in 2007. Its purpose is to provide a platform for high-level academic engagement with the jurisprudence of the South African Constitutional Court.

To this end, each issue of the Review contains two lead essays exploring broad themes arising from a given year’s jurisprudence (each ± 20 000 words), each with its own response (± 5 000 words); a number of shorter subject-specific articles (each ± 10 000 words); and several case comments that engage more narrowly with a given decision of the Constitutional Court (each ± 5 000 words). Lead essays are solicited by the editors, as are some of the subjectspecific articles and case notes, but for the remainder unsolicited contributions are invited. Such contributions must be sent to the editors at danie.brand@up.ac.za in MS Word format on or before 31 May of the year following that on which a contribution focuses.

Contributions will only be considered if they follow the house style.

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